Teaching with Pride, Learning with Confidence

School Wellbeing

Schools are central to any attempt to promote and protect 'wellbeing' in young people. Ensuring we create the conditions to provide support during tough times and promote positive wellbeing at all times, is now becoming part of our every day life at Kempshott Junior School.  COVID and 'lockdowns' have highlighted the need further, to create this culture and we are learning more about what works well. We endeavour to help our young people know how to keep themselves healthy, both emotionally and physically and most importantly how to get help if they need it. 

Our school ethos towards mental health is -

  • We are continuously learning how to look after ourselves and each other
  • Staff need to be taken good care of also, for them to look after the children we have collective responsibility over
  • We are working together to achieve a positive approach to mental health by highlighting the importance of 'mental health awareness'