Teaching with Pride, Learning with Confidence

Vision and Mission Statement

Teaching with pride - Learning with confidence

We believe that every child matters and that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging.

At Kempshott Junior School we are committed to delivering inspirational teaching that develops confident learners.  Our pupils take ownership of their learning and are proud of their achievements, preparing them for life in modern Britain.

Mission Statement

Teaching with pride

  • Enthusiastic teachers providing engaging learning through interesting subjects and topics
  • Creating stimulating classroom environments
  • Creating an atmosphere of success and achievement
  • Valuing all children and contributions
  • High expectations of pupil conduct
  • Celebrating all areas of the curriculum
  • Modelling through use and choice of language
  • Belief in the value of what subject or topic is being delivered

Learning with confidence

  • Independent learners who take responsibility
  • Able to manage time, space and resources to become lifelong learners
  • Use and selection of appropriate resources
  • Able to make good choices based on mutual respect
  • Secure in the knowledge that they can succeed
  • Adopting good learning behaviours
  • Presentation to the highest standards to develop a sense of pride
  • Tolerant of different faiths and beliefs