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Virtual Sports Day

Welcome to the first ever KJS Virtual Sports Day!

Sports Day is a traditional feature in the KJS calendar, so let’s not let the Pandemic stop us. Through our virtual sports day we can stay safe, continue to social distance and still celebrate together.

Who will be the 2020 Champions, Oak, Ash or Beech?

This year we have 2 events to choose from, the KJS Multi-Sports Event where you can take part in one or more activities, or for those who really like a challenge, perhaps the KJS Virtual Pentathlon is for you! 

Equally, both events will give you the opportunity to earn points towards the House Cup, ‘beat the teacher’ for some bonus points or get the family involved and run a ‘Lamp Post relay’!

A preview is shown below if you want to practise before the events start next week!

Recognising the challenges of being at home, Sports Day will run for one week from Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July.  Your child will receive a Seesaw task with links to the videos, questionnaire entry forms and have the opportunity to add photos of themselves taking part in the various activities. 

We particularly look forward to seeing the Balance Challenge entries!


KJS Multi-Sports Event

There are 6 activities to choose from, demonstrated by Year 6 who have worked hard this week creating the videos below.  You can download the KJS Multi-Sports Event PDF (at the bottom of this page) detailing the equipment and instructions to follow to complete each activity. Click on the event names to watch video demonstrations. 

1.      Shuttle Run - test your speed endurance with the 50m or 100m shuttle run.

2.      Skipping over 50m – count how many skips you can do over 50m.

3.      Balance challenge – pick a pose and see how many items you can balance on your body.

4.      Dizzy Football – how many of your 10 attempts hit the net after spinning around?

5.      Tennis Volley Rally - how many times can you hit the ball between you and your partner?

6.      Speed bounce – keep on bouncing as fast as you can!

Whilst many events have been demonstrated by Year 6 we would like to thank Down Grange Wildcats and Totally Tennis who have recorded the event described above, as well as more fun activities for you to try. Take a look at their home pages if you enjoyed their activities and wanted to find out more about their clubs.


KJS Virtual Pentathlon

All 5 activities below must be completed to be awarded with an additional 10 house points. You can download the KJS Virtual Pentathlon PDF (at the bottom of this page) detailing the equipment and instructions required to complete each activity. Click on the event names to watch video demonstrations.

1.      Run 1km – run 1km and see if you can set yourself a personal best.

2.      Seated throw – grab a bag of flour and give it your best shot.

3.      Standing long jump – jump as far as you can from a standing start.

4.      Vertical jump – reach for the stars for maximum points.

5.      Cycle 3km – to complete all five events.


Lamp Post relay - for 2 to 6 people.

Ask your parents/carers, brothers and sisters to join in the fun, each Team entry will get extra points towards the House Cup.

  • Find a reasonably flat pavement with 2 consecutive lamp posts.
  • Split the team into equal sides at each lamp post (alternatively nominate a runner to do the extra legs!)
  • One of the group must start and stop the timer
  • Take it in turns to run a leg of the relay, until 6 legs have been completed, and don’t forget to ‘stop the clock’!


Challenge the teacher!

Some of the Teachers will be taking part in the events, if you score higher than the teacher you will get 5 extra points towards the House Cup!

  • Can you run faster than Mr Goulding?
  • Can you jump higher than Mrs Clifton?
  • Can you throw further than Mrs Kinge?
  • Score more goals after spinning 5 times than Mrs Kilgannon?
  • Balance more things on your body than Mrs Hunjan?


We hope you enjoy the activities, to ensure that you stay safe follow the guidelines below:

  • All events must be supervised by an adult.
  • You must have enough space to do the activities; clear the floor area and make sure you have dry and even surfaces.
  • For outside activities ensure that you adhere to the current social distancing guidelines set by the government.
  • Questionnaire entry forms must be completed and submitted by an adult.