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Parent Council

The Aim of Our Parent Council

Is to aid and support the existing constructive and productive partnership between the parents and the school.

We recognise that there are areas of the school and aspects of school life at Kempshott that can frustrate parents at times.  We would prefer that parents come into the school and talk to the staff and the Headteacher on an individual basis, however, in order that their feedback is heard by the school, a Parent Council offers a another route for voicing concerns.

Matters that the Parent Council will deal with

Any matter that affects the day to day running of the school such as homework, communication, behaviour, school dinners, residentials, clubs etc

Matters that the Parent Council does not deal with

The Parent Council are not in a position to deal with matters regarding the education of the children or their individual progress.

If a parent has a specific problem with a member of staff or a child, they must go to their Class Teacher, Year Leader or the Headteacher.

If you have any issues or concerns that you do not feel able to approach the school about, please contact one of our Parent Councillors via the website (email), via letter or in person. 

Parent Council Members


Mrs N Collier
Mrs M Band

Mrs S Gaur

Mrs L Porter

Mrs M Jones

Mrs E Smith

Mrs J Owen

Mrs G Rees

Mrs A Papworth

Staff Teacher
Mrs Johnson
Admin Officer