Teaching with Pride, Learning with Confidence


Our vision is that each individual will develop a thirst for knowledge and a solid foundation of skills, academic and social, which will enable them to maximise their full potential throughout this school and their lives.

The curriculum taught at the school includes all the statutory National Curriculum requirements and many additional areas.  These requirements have been written into the schools very detailed schemes and policies of work for each curriculum area.

Our main aims when delivering the curriculum are to:

  • Plan and teach to the requirements of the National Curriculum offering children both a stimulating and challenging curriculum experience.
  • Equip each child with the necessary skills to become a fluent reader and promote a love of books and reading.
  • Teach mathematical skills, knowledge, concepts and develop children's ability and understanding to apply these effectively.
  • Encourage good handwriting, accurate spelling, speaking and listening skills and the correct use of grammar.
  • Enable children to develop a respect and tolerance for a diversity of people, religions, social and moral values.
  • Ensure children acquire scientific and technological skills, knowledge and awareness.
  • Motivate in children a desire to learn about and develop interest within each curriculum area and to optimise their potential at this stage of their education.

We aim to use a holistic approach to our broad and balanced educational provision; to be positive role models setting high standards; to provide a safe and secure environment and to facilitate the children in achieving their potential through self-motivation.